Pressing Apples and Other Fruits

We have high quality equipment to quickly press fruits to juice, including stone fruits with firm pulp such as apples and pears.

The equipment comes from Speidel in Germany - the same company that manufactures Braumeister. We offer a fruit mill with an electric engine and a hydraulic press powered by water pressure. Both are effective and easy to clean by rinsing them with a water hose.

Apples, pears and stone fruits need to be cut or chopped to a fruit pulp before pressing, while juicy fruits like grapes and berries can be pressed as they are.

For those who do not want to bottle the juice or cider, we have two kinds of kegs from Speidel. We offer juice kegs with loose floating lids and pressure cask that can withstand 10 bar pressure. The pressure cask can either let the pressure build up, which prevents fermentation, or release the pressure to let the juice ferment to cider. Both kegs provide a convenient way to preserve the drink until the next harvest, while allowing you to pour a glass at anytime.

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