Draft Beer System

A draft beer system is a time-saving investment in your brewing equipment. Instead of washing, sanitising and filling boxes of bottles, you store all the beer in a pressure keg. It's not necessary to carbonate each bottle and you will thus not have any sediment. If you then want to, you can bottle the beer already carbonated. Below is a list of the most common parts if the draft beer system.

Ball-Lock kegs

Ball-lock is the most common connection to Cornelius kegs.
For each keg you need one ball-lock disconnect for liquid and one ball-lock diconnect for gas.

Pin-Lock kegs

Pin-lock is the second most common connection to Cornelius kegs. For every keg you need one pin-lock disconnect for liquid and one pin-lock diconnect for gas.


For the draft beer system  you need a gas cylinder (usually CO2) and a regulator controlling the pressure. The gas is used to both carbonate the beer and push it out. Our regulators have a standard thread for carbonation (w 21.8 x 1/14") and fits directly onto the large CO2 cylinders. If you want to use a smaller CO2 cartridge (SodaStream) you need a Traptz adapter. The adapter is a connector that in addition to switch thread opens the cartridge.


Between the liquid disconnect and the keg faucet it's most common to use a PE tube. Between the gas disconnect and the regulator you can use either a PVD tube or a PE tube. Gas tubes should always be attached with a hose clamp. This is also a good idea with the liquid tubes.

All tubing is sold per metre. If you order several metres the tube will be delivered in one piece so that you can cut it by yourself.

Restrictor Tubing

If you get too much foam with beer when using the faucet a simple solution is using restrictive tubing. It's a very thin tube, only 3.5 mm inner diameter. 2-3 metres of restrictive tubing decreases the pressure considerably, which allows you to tap heavily carbonated beer.

In addition to the tube, you need two John Guest connections, 3/8" to 3/16", one in each end.

Threaded Cornelius Keg Connectors

The thread on the connectors and regulators is called 1/4" MFL (male flare), which will fit connectors 1/4" FFL (female flare). If you want the option to disconnect and reconnect your draft system or use another kind of tubing, it's easier to do with the threaded keg connectors.


The picnic faucet is the most common type of faucet. It connects directly on the tube for the liquid. If you're setting up a bar at home, we have more professional-looking faucets to attach permanently. These faucets needs to be complemented with shanks and tap handles. The shank is a grummet for a vertical wall. It can, for example, be attached through the door of a fridge. In the front you attach the faucet and in the back you attach the tube for the liquid.

We also have draft towers to mount on a horizontal area. The draft towers are delivered with faucets, handles, tubing and everything needed to assembling it. Complement it only with ball-lock or pin-lock connectors for liquid.

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