Brewster brewing system 25 l

Brewster brewing system 25 l

The Brewster is a compact, semi-automatic brewing system from Danish company Brewolution at an affordable price.

Mashing, straining and boiling takes place in the same pot. The mash is pumped around and heated according to the RIMS method. It is easy to put in the time and temperature for each step of the mashing.

The malt is placed in a perforated inset which is then lifted to strain it after mashing. The compact counterflow chiller is easily connected to the kitchen faucet for cold water and the cold wort flows directly from the Brewster to the fermentation vessel.

New features for this third generation Brewster include:
Brew kettle in stainless steel
Pre-programming up to 9 brew profiles for e.g. step mashing
Electronic temperature control, with a temperature regime up to 105° C
Three-piece ball valve made from stainless steel.

Brewster makes step mashing easy. The display is easy to use and allows for programming the temperature of the step mashing.

The counterflow wort chiller can easily be connected to your kitchen faucet for cooling water.

The Brewster consists of:
29 litre electric brew kettle in stainless steel with a built-in control panel for programming temperature and time.
Mashing pump for recirculation mashing
Kettle sieve made from stainless steel
Stand for the insert during sparging
Three-piece ball valve made from stainless steel with bazooka screen.
Counterflow wort chiller, including coupling and hose for connecting to a kitchen faucet.
Coupling, valves and hose for regulating the stream of fluid.

The only thing needed to compliment it is a pot to heat the sparging water (which most people already have¦). That makes for a complete system to brew about 25 litres of wort with whole malt, chilled and ready to add yeast.

Instruction videos.

Humlegårdens Ekolager represents Brewolution.

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