BetterBottle is a fermenter of a new generation made of food-grade PET. This particular PET quality is as good as completely air tight, which together with a plug in PET allows you to store your beer, cider or wine for a long period of time.

Better Bottle comes in three sizes (11 liters, 19 liters and 23 liters) and in two designs (with or without holes for drainage). The version with pre-drilled holes is designed to be used with a faucet that is sold separately. The version without holes is to be used as a demijohn together with a siphon.

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The difference between this carboy and one in glass is that the BetterBottle is lighter and more resistant to breakage. Glass demijohns are heavy and risky to handle since you can cut yourself quite badly on glass splinters.

Compared with a conventional fermenter, the difference is that the plastic is of much higher quality and completely clear. PET plastic is non-porous and hydrophobic. This means that the taste or color of the previous content does not affect the new brew. It is not possible to scrub the inside, which may seem like a disadvantage, but this also reduces the risk of scratching it in the same way as a standard fermenting pails. There is no need to scrub the inside of the fermenter since there are now good cleanser, such as PBW, on the Swedish market. Regular fermenting pails need to be replaced fairly often because they can easily get scratched or discolored, but Better Bottle can be used several times for many years without losing its quality.

NOTE! BetterBottle will not withstand excessive temperatures. Max 60 degrees Celsius. Use PBW for cleaning and Star San or Saniclean for disinfection.

Five Star has the following recommendations for the use of PBW with Better Bottle:
PBW solution must not exceed 45 ° C.
The concentration should be at most 30 grams PBW to 20 liters of water.
Let stand for an hour and then rinse thoroughly.

For Better Bottle, there are also some great accessories to buy: <br>
1. Handle <br>
2. PET stopper with holes, suitable for DryTrap <br>
3. DryTrap - a liquid-free airtight airlock
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