Online Account

Do I have to register an account in order to buy something?
No, it's possible to shop without having an account.
However, if you're one of our returning customers, it's quite useful. Your data will be saved, as well as your previous orders, and you're able to save shopping lists.

I'm trying to log in with the username and password I use for Humlegården's forum, but it doesn't work. Why not?
The shop and the forum are two separate systems with separate user accounts. For an account in the shop, sign up as new customer and choose your username and password. If it's available, you're welcome to use the same username as in the forum.

I have forgotten my username or password. What do I do?
In the right column beneath "New customer," is the link "Forgot your password?" You'll be able to access your password or username with your email adress there.


Is it possible to pay with my Internetbank?
Yes, if you have an account at Nordea, Swedbank, SEB or Handelsbanken in Sweden, you can log in and pay via those. Select "Card payment or Internet bank" in the checkout.

I selected "Klarna Invoice" or "Klarna Konto" at the checkout. Can I pay directly to Humlegården's account?
No. We  use Klarna for billing and the money should be paid to them. They are rather quick with their reminders and will charge for these reminders if the money is not paid in time. If you have any questions about Klarna's billing, please contact Klarna directly: http://www.klarna.com/kundtjanst.

What time of payment does Klarna allow?
14 days from the date of invoice, which is usually the same day as we send the package.

I live in Denmark/Finland/Norway. Can I pay with invoice?
Yes, it's possible to pay with Klarna Invoice in Denmark, Finland and Norway. It is also possible to pay through Paypal and credit cards in most countries.

When I paid I got an error message saying: "Betalningen kunde inte genomföras. Orderid skall vara unikt. Försök igen eller välj annan betalningsmetod." ("The payment did not go through. The order ID must be uniqe. Try again or select another payment method.")
Go back to the checkout and select "Paypal" instead of "Card payment or Internet bank" as the payment method. It is possible to pay with credit cards (MasterCard and ViISA) through Paypal even if you don't have a Paypal account.
This may happen if you use the "Go Back" or "Forward" button in the browser, or if you close the payment window or tab instead of using the "cancel" button.


I just placed an order but realised I had forgotten something. Can I add it to the order later?
Yes. Please contact us at +46 (0)8 4030 7284 or email logistik@humle.se in order to add something to your order.
If the order has already been sent, we can't add anything to it.

If I place an order now, when will it be sent?
We pack and send orders all throughout the day, Monday through Friday 7am-3pm. We attempt to send all orders the same day they are placed but it's not possible to specify precisely how long it'll take. It depends on the number and size of orders placed before your order. If you've placed your order in the beginning of the week, it often takes longer since many orders are placed during the weekend.
Please bear this in mind when placing your order, so you won't have to worry about your order not being delivered in time.

Can I call and place an order?
The orders must be placed via the web shop. That way all information is correct and there's no risk of miscommunication. However, we are happy to help you over the phone.


How do I know the price of shipping something outside Sweden?
Due to the price difference between different delivery options, countries and weight of the package, we can't calculate the shipping cost for international orders. In order to find out what the shipping cost is, please place your order and you will find the possible shipping methods based on your order's total weight and current shipping address in the checkout. The shipping costs are automatically calculated and will be updated as you add or delete things from your order.

Why can't my package be delivered to a post office or Servicepoint?
Packages sent with Postnord Mypack and DHL Servicepoint must weigh less than 20 kg, fit into one package and not be too bulky.
The delivery methods available based on what's in the shopping cart are visible in the checkout.

Why can't I select a different delivery address?
If you pay with Klarna, we can only deliver your package to your nationally registered address (folkbokföringsadress). If that address is incorrect, please contact Klarna directly at Klarna's customer service.

How come Humlegården doesn't have free shipping on orders over X SEK, like many other web shops?
The shipping cost is the cost we have arranged with each shipping service. We prefer to strive for fair prices on our products instead. We don't make a profit on the shipping. If we were to offer free shipping, we would have to increase the prices of our products instead (which many web shops do).

Collecting Your Order

Can I collect my order at your warehouse?
Yes, you can collect your order here. Select the delivery method "Collect at Bergkällavägen 28 in Sollentuna." You can pay for your order with credit card, but not with cash.
More information and opening hours here

I would like to collect my order at your warehouse, but I can't come during your opening hours. Is it possible to collect it at another time?
If you contact us beforehand and the order is placed via our webshop, it might be possible to collect it outside our opening hours. Otherwise, please observe our opening hours.

Can I buy products at the warehouse without having placed an order beforehand?
Yes, it's possible, but it'll take much longer. We don't have a shop where you can gather the products you'd like to buy. It's a warehouse with a collection point, where it's possible to collect placed orders. However, we do have a product showroom.
We have a customer computer at our collection point that you can use to place an order and there is staff around if you need help. The ordered goods are then gathered for you while you wait.
It is not possible to visit our collection point to place an order using the customer computer outside our opening hours.

Returns & Complaints

I'd like to return or exhange an order/product. What should I do?
If you would like to return a single product or a whole order, use this form for returns. Do let us know ahead of time if you mean to return something by emailing logistik@humle.se. Exchanges are attended to the same way as returns.

A product is not working/I have a complaint on a product - what do I do?
Please contact us at l
ogistik@humle.se with a description and a picture if possible. In some cases, we want the product returned and if so, you can fill in the form for returns. You will receive a replacement or be repaid if the complaint is approved.
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