Hops are the spice which gives the beer its bitterness, and a large part of its fresh aroma and taste. As with malt, it is essential to use hops of good quality when brewing.
Fresh hops are green and have a sharp, fresh aroma. Old hops are brown and have little or an unpleasant odor. Hops exposed to air, light and heat will deteriorate rapidly.
Humlegården's hops are packed under vacuum or in inert gas, in aluminum laminate foil bags. This protects the hops from oxygen and light and seals the aroma. They are stored in our cold room until we ship it to you. This allows the aroma to be preserved without significant loss for several years. To store an opened hop package, press the air out and tape it shut. Keep it in the freezer for up to 1 year.

We offer whole hops and pellet hops. Whole hops are the most original form of hops. The pellets are hops pulverized and pressed. All of our pellets are of type 90, that is with natural alpha acid content.
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