Slovenian hops

Slovenia is one of the classic hops growing countries, where hops have been grown for centuries. Several Slovenian hop varieties have been sold for many years under the name of Styrian Golding. Nowadays, these hops are sold under their separate varietal names: Bobek, Celeia and Savinjski Golding. Our supplier describes the hops in the following way:

"The Styrian Golding varieties are Savinjski Golding, Celeia and Bobek, from a brewing point of view Savinjski Goldings are lowest alpha (Usually 2-4%), earthy floral (maybe grassy / herbal) with a hint of lemon. Celeia are slightly higher alpha wise (2.5-5.5% Usually) intensely floral with some lemon. Bobek are the highest alpha wise (4-6%) and are intensely lemony and piney, and quite floral. "

New harvest

Usually arrives from mid-December to late January, with hops being delivered first.

If you cannot find a type of hop on our website, eg it is not possible to request a back-in-stock notification, it is usually because that year’s crop is completely sold out.
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