Computer Software

It is convenient to use a computer to plan and document your brews. You get help with, for example, calculations of the amount of malt and hops needed to give the right wort, color and bitterness, as well as how to adjust the recipe to fit different types of beer.

A good tool in Swedish that is also free is OpenBrew spreadsheet by Henrik Lundqvist. It requires OpenOffice, which is also free and available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix.

The most popular brewing program is BeerSmith. The program is in English and is now available (Version 2) for both Mac and Windows at a low price. You can download the program and try it before activating it with a license key. You can also buy the CD.

Other good programs, also in English, are BeerTools Pro (Mac, Windows and Linux) and BeerAlchemy (Mac). ProMash (Windows) used to be one of the best but has not been updated in several years.

BeerSmith and Beer Tools Pro are sold without physical delivery. You purchase a license key and download the program yourself through a link. That way you can get started right away! The link / license key is e-mailed to you as soon as your payment goes through.  

If you are only purchasing a license key or link, you will not be charged a shipping cost even though you have to select a shipping method at the checkout. Note: You will not be charged for shipping regardless of which method you choose.

You can read more about the different programs on Bryggarwiki.
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