Beer Tools license key

Beer Tools license key

This program exists in versions for Mac, Windows and Linux. When you buy it here you receive a unique link to a web page where you register and download the program for your choice of operating system.

BeerTools Pro 2.0

BeerTools Pro version 2.0 is an advanced software package for formulating, brewing and managing recipes for making beer. Version 2.0 has all the great features as its predecessor, but adds extensive user interface enhancements and online connectivity features.

Get Connected

Now recipes can be stored online for access from multiple computers and devices. The companion BTPconnect web app provides an easy way to view BeerTools Pro recipes while in the brewery, at the supply shop or on the go.

Additionally, recipes stored online can be shared with other members with the click of a mouse. Establish connections with other brewers—whether they be fellow club members, brewery associates or just brewing buddies. There is no need to open a browser, shared recipes are available right within BeerTools Pro.

Main Features

  • Recipe formulation
  • Style comparison
  • Included ingredient and style database
  • Recipe management
  • Online recipe storage (quotas apply)
  • Recipe sharing
  • Inventory tracking and shopping lists
  • Equipment profiles
  • Mash scheduling
  • File import and export
  • Hop utilization formula editor
  • Color model editor
  • Recipe scaling
  • Unit conversions
  • Percentage based recipe editing
  • And more…

Mac Requirements

An Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.7 or later.

Windows Requirements

A PC running Windows Vista/7/8.

Linux Requirements

An x86-based Linux distribution with GTK+ 2.8 (or higher), glibc-2.3 (or higher), CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System),

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