Wine Kits

Long gone are the days when there were ony low-quality wine kits sold in Sweden. A wine can never be better than the grapes allow it to be - and this is true for wines made from kits as well. Therefore, our wine kits use high quality grapes which have gone through the process of being crushed, pressed and packaged in the gentlest manner. As a result, the wine finished by the home vintner is miles better than anything made before.
Limited Edition (the most exclusive wines. Available for a limited time, 18 l juice concentrate)
Eclipse (ultra premium wine kits made with the finest quality varietal juice. 18 l juice concentrate)
Selection (our most popular premium wines. 16-18 l juice concentrate)
World Vineyard (versatile wines which don’t require extended aging. 10 l juice concentrate)
Spéciale (flavourful and aromatic specialty sweet wines. Full volume juice - not concentrated so no water should be added.)
Island Mist (delicious alternative to everyday sweet wine coolers. 7,5 l juice concentrate)

Grape origins
New Zealand

Canada is leading in producing wine kits of high quality, and Winexpert is the leading producer. Wines from Winexpert kits regularly receive the most awards at the world's largest competition for home vintners, WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition - where they compete against wines made from other kits as well as wine made from fresh grapes.

Each wine kit from the brands Limited Edition, Eclipse, Selection and World Vineyard is made from specified grape varieties as well as which country the grapes were grown, and in some of the highest quality kits also the wine growing region. Good luck and cheers!

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