Wine Kits

Long gone are those low-quality wine kits that were solely sold in Sweden.  A wine is never better than the grapes allow it to be which is true for wine kits as well. Therefore, these wine kits use high quality grapes that have gone through the process of being crushed, pressed and packaged in the gentlest manner. As a result, the wine finished by the home vintner is miles better than anything made before.

Canada is leading in making and distributing wine kits of high quality - I think us nothern folks can understand the desire to make good wine but not have the temperatures to do so. Winexpert is the leading distributor. These kits have received the most awards at the biggest competition for "home vintners", WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition - where they compete against other wine kits as well as wine made on fresh grapes.

All of these wine kits are labelled with what kind of grape it contains as well as what country it grew up in. Good luck and cheers!

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