Initially, chardonnay was grown primarily in Burgundy, including Chablis, where the great white wines are made exclusively from this grape. Moreover, in Champagne it is included in most champagnes and is the only grape in the elegant blanc de blancs.

Nowadays, chardonnay is known worldwide under its own name, thanks to the spread it has received particularly in New Zealand, South Africa and California and the new initiative of naming wines by grape variety.

Chardonnay is probably the most famous grape for producing white wine, with its only competitors being sauvignon blanc and riesling.

Wine made out of this grape can have a great variation in character and can be vinified in many different ways, such as the usage of oak or not, but what they all have in common is that they mature during storage. Chardonnay can have notes of citrus, tropical fruits, vanilla and butter.
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