På torsdag och fredag denna vecka inventerar vi vårt lager. Dessa dagar skickas inga nya beställningar och kundmottagningen är stängd.

Vi skickar alla beställningar som kommer in senast onsdag kl 18 och kundmottagningen har extra öppet på tisdag och onsdag.

Öppet för avhämtning:
27/6 tisdag 12 - 16
28/6 onsdag 16 - 18
29/6 torsdag - stängt
30/6 fredag - stängt

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International sales

Based in Sweden, we ship to all countries in Europe.

When you enter your delivery address (specifically your country) in the checkout section, you will see the available shipping options with corresponding price based on your location and the total weight of your order.

Payment is either by credit card or PayPal. All prices shown are by default including Swedish sales tax (VAT) and in Swedish currency (SEK). For exports outside the European Union, and for sales to VAT-registered companies within the European Union but outside Sweden, the sales tax is automatically deducted at checkout. The Swedish sales tax is 6 % for books and magazines, 12 % for food items (malts, hops, yeasts and additives), and 25 % for other goods. For exports outside the European Union, typically VAT, import duties and fees may be charged by the authorities in the destination country.

Currently, our web store is in Swedish only, but you could try using Google Translate to read it in your favourite language. You may have access to it in your web browser e.g. Chrome or with Google Toolbar. Some graphic items will not be translated, such as the buttons, but you only need to remember that "köp" means "buy", and "kassan" means "checkout".

Of course, Google Translate will only produce a machine translation, and the result is far from perfect... Please look at it from the bright side, and the translation may spark a few laughs. In any case, it should help you browse our selection of products and place your order.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@humle.se should you have any questions about this or other matters.

We sell not only to homebrewers, but also to breweries and to homebrew retailers, both inside and outside of Sweden.

Breweries: Please contact us at sales@humle.se for larger quantities and brewery discounts.

Homebrew retailers: Please contact us at sales@humle.se for reseller discounts.

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